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Are you looking for a reliable and the Best Pest Control Service Provider in Kolkata for your home? Then Bose Pest Control is your ideal destination. Well, since from the time of our inception we are fully committed in offering quality pest control services to all our customers.

Initially we started with a hand few of residential client but now we have completed more than 1000 projects in this regard to multiple clients both from residential sector to corporate sector. Therefore, we cordially welcome you here at our website where you will get to know more details regarding all our services in this regard. However, let us highlight here some of the best services that you can expect from them.


Why Choose as a Pest Control Service Provider

  • At Bose Pest Control, we believe in providing excellent pest control solution to both residential clients as well as corporate one and that also at a very low cost.
  • We are working in this industry for the last couple of years and has a well-experienced team of Pest control professionals
  • We have more than fifteen staff members who have a decade of experience in the field of Pest control services as a best Pest control service provider in Kolkata.
  • We offer pest solution for various kinds of insects starting from mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards, Spider, Termite, rats, and lots more.
  • So irrespective of the pest problem you have in your home we have every kinds of solution when it comes to Pest Control.
  • Well, in addition to that we have a dedicated team of customer support who always remains ready to offer all kinds of help to customers if they have any sorts of queries regarding our services.
Is pest control safe for children pets, elderly and pregnant women?
Bose Pest Control is a government certified pest control and uses government approved world Bayer chemicals for pest control services that is safe for all.
Can I get pest control done if I have allergies?
Bose Pest Control chemicals are absolutely safe for people will allergies as the right chemicals are used in the right dosage by our expert technicians.
How frequently should I be getting pest control done?
When it comes to cockroaches it’s important to have pest control done at regular interval round the year, hence our services are designed to service your home every quarter. For other pest control services you can choose the frequency as per the infestation levels.
What all pests are covered in our service?
We provide pest control services for all major pests frequently found in your homes round the year like - cockroaches, Termites, Bed Bugs, Dengue Mosquitoes, Wood Borer and Rodents.
How soon can I start to see results?
In most cases you can see visible results in 2 weeks’ time. All our services are designed to ensure that you do not get repeat infestation so the reduction in pest starts from week 2 onwards for most services.