Termite Pest Control

To be honest, no one can really invest much time these days to clean and maintain their house considering the ever-increasing professional commitments people are subjected to. But you can’t just leave a house in a state of mess, right?

It is because of such negligence that houses get ingested by termites. A termite infestation, needless to say, can not only destroy your furniture but the foundation of your house as well.

Precisely for this reason, hiring professional termite control services in Kolkata as we offer is undoubtedly the most preferred option for many.

But just like before hiring any other service provider, you will have several reservations regarding hiring termite control services as well. Several doubts will linger in your mind which will invariably cloud your judgement.

Well, here are some frequently asked termite control questions you need to know:

I think my house has termite. How will I know for sure?

Probably the trickiest job is to determine whether your house has been subjected to an infestation or not because termites don’t form colonies out in the open. If you see any winged swarmers or notice that your wooden furniture sounds hollow or is being eaten out along with cracks on walls, you can be sure of an infestation.

Will termites destroy my furniture?

Yes, termites mostly fee on wood and before you know it, you will notice chairs and tables with broken legs, cupboards with holes and long cracks in your walls.

Do I have to hire professionals?

Yes, absolutely! If you want the termite colony to be eradicated efficiently, hiring trained professionals like us is essential.

How do I hire termite control experts?

Start by searching on the internet. Shortlist a few based on reputation, experience and client testimonials and start calling them up to get a quote. Lastly, select the experts who can meet your requirements according to your budget.

Do I have to hire cleaning professionals after termite treatment?

Well, depends on the company you are hiring. Not everyone is like us where we ensure that after we are done, we clean your house to remove any chemicals or termite remains.

Will it cost me a lot to hire professionals?

Compared to a few years back, hiring such services won’t cost you a lot. Just give us a call, and we will provide you with a quote after we are done inspecting the size of your house.

Are the chemicals used toxic?

Although the chemicals used in termite treatment are pretty strong, they aren’t toxic in nature. We have made it a point to use eco-friendly chemicals for this purpose.

Do I have to get out of the house?

Although we don’t really pressurise our clients to do so, it is generally safe to relocate somewhere else for the time being while we are treating your house. See, we have to use a lot of chemicals, and you or your pet might be allergic to those. Better safe than sorry, right?

Will all the termites die immediately after treatment?

Most of the termite colonies span in thousands of termites which is why you can’t expect each and every one of them to die immediately after we are done treating your house. But rest assured, give it a day or two and your house will be free of termites.

I may have a more few more doubts, how do I get it cleared?

We are always at your service, and although we have covered pretty much everything, you can contact us anytime if you have any more doubts.