Pest Control

When it concerns pests, there is nothing that we can do to get rid of them especially when we are not equipped with any tools or agents. They find warmer places to live in and, there is no better place than homes, offices or commercial areas where the indoors are cosy.

The only way to eradicate their presence is calling in the Pest Control services and, there is no one better than Bose Pest Control to help you out. With over 8 years of experience up our sleeves as providers for pest control service in Kolkata and a team to perform the pest control, you can trust us. We are known to help you with maximum satisfaction where you get to watch the pests get eradicated while having a healthy indoor environment.

Here is a quick overview of how we perform the pest control treatment for both offices and homes.
  • Initial inspection where we look out for the presence of pests and their area of dominance
  • We place a quote on the charges that would be applied depending on the area to be covered and the presence of the pests.
  • Once you have hired our services, we would come over on the decided date.
  • We would make use of certified and industrial quality pesticides to treat the pests.
  • We would clean up the area once we are done with the job to avoid contamination.
General Pest Control

It is not just the houses that the pests are fond of. Several commercial areas are victims of their presence and, therefore we help out with services that are known to get rid of them. Being experts with domestic and commercial pest control in Kolkata, we conduct tests on the presence of the pests, you get a clear report on what we would do and accordingly do we help you with the treatment.

House Hold Service

It is important to get rid of pests from the house as it involves the well being of you and your family members. Household pests contaminate food, gnaw on furniture, and destroy clothing and paper while leaving behind infection. While pests are known to multiply in no time, there is the need to help out with the right pest control agents. We ensure that no matter what the pest it is, it is removed completely after we treat it.

Wood Borer Treatment

If you find fine flour-like wood dust close to the furniture or legs of wooden tables, it is the sign that wood borer has attacked it and has gnawed on the wood. To eradicate it we first locate it and then apply the necessary treatments to ensure that they would get back all over again.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are something that attacks mattresses as well as upholstery and, that ends up with sleepless nights and itches all over the body. With deep vacuum cleaning methods, we ensure that the infested areas are taken care of and, you get to sleep peacefully.

Cockroach Control

Homes and offices both are known to be an easy target for cockroaches especially where there is the presence of food and similar substances. With services on cockroach control, we ensure that the right treatment is put across so that you get to protect your health as well as curb diseases.

Mosquitoes Control

With diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya doing the rounds in Kolkata and its suburbs, we take all measures to ensure that your premises are protected with necessary measures so as to prevent the mosquitoes from spreading diseases.


Will my house be inspected first?

Yes! Without an inspection, we wouldn’t know the amount of infestation and what type of pest we have to deal with.

Do I have to hire you if I do not agree with the quote?

Not necessarily. It depends on your needs and budget to make a choice but, we would offer you the best price when compared to the rest.

What type of pests do you treat?

Lizards, cockroaches, flies, beetles, wood borer, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs and any other pest that causes a mess in your house.

Will you use harsh chemicals?

Pest Control itself means making use of chemical-based pesticides to get rid of the pests but keeping in mind the family’s health, we also make use of organic pest control treatments.

Do I have to go out of the house when you would perform the treatment?

If we are treating a particular room or area, you can always stay away but not leave the house completely. You could try staying in some other room. If you are allergic to chemicals, it would be of great help to you.

Will my food get contaminated?

We recommend you to not store any food in the open while we come for pest control treatment. You could keep them in the refrigerators or cupboards to prevent contamination of any sort.

I have pets at home, would it harm them?

After we are done with treating the pest infested areas, we clean up and sanitise the entire area that wouldn’t contaminate or make anyone sick. We would recommend keeping your pets away while we treat your house.

When will you come again?

If the amount of infestation is large and a single time treatment isn’t sufficient, you may have to call us over the next month. It usually depends on the appearance of the pests and, that is when we come over.

Can I trust my belongings with you?

We are known to own a team who are checked with their backgrounds before employment and, that is why we assure that your belongings are in safe hands.

Will the pesticide leave behind stains?

We make use of graded and industrial quality pesticides that will not leave behind any stains unless on the window glasses that can be removed when washed.