Know the Dos and Don’ts of Pest Control

When your work or living area is infested with pests, it can pose a lot of problems if there are no control or safety measures taken against them. So, how should you solve your pest problem safely? Your problems will be solved half way if you learn about the pests and know how to control them. But where should you start from? Let’s follow this content to know the preventive measures followed by the dos and don’ts of pest control.

Start form the taking the preventive measures:

• Start by removing the food, water and other resources, where pests get the most access.
• The food storage must be sealed with plastics.
• Tightly close the trash bins and remove the garbage daily from the house.
• De-clutter your place and block the hidden places, where pests can come and hide.

Dos of pest control:

• Safely use the chemical sprays.
• Keep the pets and children away from the areas, where pesticides have been applied.
• After taking the preventive measures, use the first line of chemical spray against the insects or rodents.
• Read and follow the pesticide’s label instructions and go by the warnings.
• Use ready-to-use products to avoid direct contact with the chemicals.
• After you hire a pest control service In Kolkata, ask them to find the right source before applying the chemicals (Though this is the way how pest control providers work.)
• Ask the pest control operator to provide information regarding the chemical and safety measures before applying them.

Don’ts of pest control:

• Don’t use outdoor chemicals for indoor cleaning purpose.
• Too much application of pesticides can put your family’s health at stake.
• Don’t transfer the pesticides to other containers.
• Don’t use an original container of chemicals to store anything else.

Lastly, pest control pesticides should only be applied in the targeted locations. As there are different pest categories, different chemicals are used for different pests. There could be low-risk chemicals available to troubleshoot your pest problem. Hence, it would be better if you contact a pest or termite control service in Kolkata for the right application of chemicals and recommendation to address your problem.

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